Sunday, June 2, 2013


Shall we start with the elephant in the room?

I'm now a college graduate.


Seriously.  How did this happen?  It feels like just yesterday I was at orientation (and hating it...).  And now I'm crying because I've left DC for good.

It just sucks 'cause I have to leave so many amazing people behind, like my GG Savanna, who came to graduation!

Four years ago at orientation, each group painted a small poster.  These posters were on display the week leading up to graduation.  I found mine!  I will never forget sitting under a tree on the quad with my group frantically texting my friend from high school about how much I disliked orientation and how I was afraid I made a HUGE mistake not going to Boston University.  Interestingly, she was having the same experience at Fordham.

Today, I look back on that day and I think about how silly I was.  Being at AU turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have ever made.  I was blessed with having the best of both worlds:  a college with a campus and a city at my fingertips.  When you're on campus at American, you forget you're in the nation's capital.  And then the second you step off, you are reminded that you are in a city rich with history and filled with endless opportunity for both work and play.

And although I have said goodbye to my weekend jogs around the monuments and pint sized gin and tonics at the Mighty Pint, adventure is out there... the form of law school.

But until then...I have the best graduation present ever...


And to my fellow members of the class of 2013, we did it!  Now go take a celebratory shot.

Preferably of Patron...

And when you're missing your college home, just remember that your memories will always be there.  Someday you will return and your school will be there waiting to greet you with open arms.

Just as it did four years ago when you started your adventure.

Once an eagle, always an eagle.

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Shoes:  DSW (similar)
Hair:  DryBar
BabyMase's Tie:  Vineyard Vines